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“Through the tutorial method, students develop the skills and mindset that gives them the edge at university: independence, self-motivation, control of their own learning, the ability to study at a greater depth and, possibly most crucially, an academic curiosity that guarantees them to become lifelong learners.”
Mrs Emma White 
Head of HK Sixth Form

“A-levels studied using the tutorial method are proven to be 1 or 2 grades above what would be achieved at a more traditional Sixth Form college.”
Mr Alex Gray
Greene’s tutorial college, Oxford

“In my experience of tuition, I’ve noticed an enormous uptake in both the academic and personal growth of the student, as it teaches them to be far more independent”
Mr Ryan Foster
Teacher at Heathfield Knoll and owner of a tuition company

“With one to one tuition, you can progress twice as fast as with standard education, which give you more time to hone your skills and independent study; easily preparing you for university or the working world.
Mr Lawrence Collins

Headmaster at Heathfield Knoll School

Discover what makes us
stand out

To learn more about an independent education at Heathfield Knoll and Nursery please go to the contact page and complete the form or call us on 01562 850204

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