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Welcome to
Knoll School

Choosing the right school for your son or daughter is an important, and at times difficult, decision.

So many schools seemingly have a similar offer, how do you make that all important and informed choice?  When I meet prospective parents I sometimes refer to the ‘Goldilocks test’ – does Heathfield Knoll School feel just right? Of course, academic excellence, nurturing pastoral care and a fulfilling enrichment programme should be taken as read. What makes HKS unique is the focus on relationships and the time invested in understanding the needs of each individual. We believe pupils learn, play and interact when their happiness is placed at the foremost of all that we do.

Fostering happiness involves embracing all aspects of a child’s development, listening to their concerns and responding to needs as appropriate. I invite you to visit HKS to see pupil happiness and positive relationships first hand. You will not be disappointed.

Lawrence Collins Headmaster


  • 2Welcome to Heathfield Knoll School
  • 4A Day in our Day Nursery
  • 6School Life in Lower School
  • 8School Life in Middle School
  • 10Moving up to Upper School
  • 12History of Heathfield Knoll School
  • 14Our Educational Mission

A Day in our
Early Years

First Steps Day Nursery is situated in a beautiful, woodland environment within the school grounds and caters for babies and toddlers from three months to rising three, at which point their learning journey continues into Pre School.

Our highly qualified and experienced Early Years team have an excellent understanding of how children learn through exploration and play. Children are well cared for and staff encourage them to be active learners, independent thinkers and promote their curiosity in an environment where children’s safety and well-being is paramount. Staff plan and adapt inspirational activities that meet the individual needs of each child, indoors and outdoors.

Our friendly and approachable team communicate effectively with parents, enabling them to understand what is happening in their child’s day and how their learning and development is progressing.

We believe it is important to create strong parent partnerships; working together will ensure that children reach their full potential. 

“Active learners, independent thinkers

School Life in
Lower School

In Lower School we pride ourselves on the high quality education we provide for all children, the outstanding relationships that exist between staff and pupils and the variety of experiences on offer.

We adopt a creative, yet personalised, approach to education allowing each individual to flourish across the curriculum and excel in the areas they are most passionate about.

Extracurricular activities are extremely popular with the children and these may include a variety of sports as well as ballet, horse riding, drama, dance, crafts, singing, gardening and languages. Forest Schools is introduced from pre-school and children learn and develop these outdoor skills as they progress through the Lower School. 

The children in Lower School are enthusiastically busy in their vibrant classrooms and around the wider school environment.

They are polite, courteous and a pleasure to be with. We are a family and, like all families, we challenge each other, work hard together and have plenty of fun! 

“Creative and personalised

School Life in
Middle School

The Middle School at HKS builds on the success of the Lower School, and helps pupils make a smooth transition into the Upper School.

Pupils continue to benefit from small class sizes, catering for the full range of abilities. Middle School pupils are also introduced to new subjects taught by specialist teachers within their own departments.

As they mature, pupils are given greater independence and responsibility around school. They continue to be nurtured by our excellent pastoral team, and have access to an established programme of Learning Support.

Pupils are encouraged to contribute to every aspect of school life, with countless opportunities presented in the Sciences, Technologies, Languages, Sports and the Arts.

Their achievements are regularly celebrated during Middle School assemblies, and their success helps prepare them for the demands of Upper School.

“Independence and responsibility”

School Life in
Upper School

Heathfield Knoll Upper School is is the ideal environment for your child to explore and develop their potential as an individual.

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils have a fulfilling experience and leave as balanced and confident individuals, both inside and outside the classroom, thoroughly equipped for what lies ahead.

Upper School classes are small yet the breadth of teaching and learning opportunities available both in and outside of the classroom allows all of our pupils to achieve academic success in a fully supportive environment. 

Through the development of essential life skills and access to a wide range of extracurricular activities, the Upper School seeks to provide each and every pupil with the perfect blend of challenge, discovery and enjoyment which, in turn, will furnish them with confidence and ambition for life.

In other words, everything that they need to succeed.

 “Balanced and confident

& ASA's

All schools recognise the importance of academic rigour supported by creative arts and physical exercise. We, at Heathfield Knoll, are no different.

However, we don’t believe that this is enough; all pupils need breadth, stretch, challenge and stimuli beyond the confines of a curriculum if they are to develop as well-rounded individuals. For this reason Enrichment forms part of the weekly timetable.

This is an inclusive programme of activity which aims to introduce children to new interests or to provide them with an opportunity to achieve an extracurricular qualification.

Enrichment activities have included Sports or Language Leaders, First Aid, Classical Studies, Chess, Politics, Calligraphy, Art Appreciation, STEM club, Orchestra, to name a few.

Activity does not stop at the end of classes. There is a full programme of After School Activities (ASAs) running each afternoon.

ASAs are a less formal opportunity to explore a hobby or sport. These change termly and may include activities such as Drama rehearsals, Nerf Wars, Mini-Kickers football, Orienteering, Dance and Ballet.

“Develop children as well-rounded individuals”

Happiness at
Heathfield Knoll

At Heathfield Knoll School our core value is happy children - we excel in fostering mental toughness, emotional control and a commitment to achieving goals.

This ability to dig deep in more difficult times and to work at something children find challenging is a crucial skill to equip them for the excitement and inevitable turbulence of life. Resilience allows people to seize opportunities, no matter what their future ambitions or hopes.

While we encourage and support children’s ambitions, we place emotional well-being on an equal footing with academic achievement.  We create opportunities for children to find out who they are and explore it. We are keen to forge happy young people who can embrace difficulty.  





Being emotionally resilient will make children more successful learners, greater thinkers and improve their social skills; and overall make them a happy individual. 

“Encourage and support.”

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Heathfield Knoll School
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