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Dyslexia at HKS

“We want to see a time when… Dyslexia is not a barrier to learning,” Driver Youth Trust for literacy   Quality First Teaching at HKS means that each individual’s needs are accommodated, including pupils with a diagnosis of dyslexia or dyslexic traits. Children with dyslexia can find school a real struggle if they are not

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The battle of the Somme by Oscar Porter

The battle of the Somme Have you ever heard? The crash of bombs. Have you ever heard? The chaotic sound of gunfire. Have you ever heard? Lucid screams of friends dying. Have you? Well I have.    I have felt the bitter cold hand of death,  Creep up on my back and try to pull

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Early Years Edible Sandbox

DIY COLOURFUL EDIBLE SANDBOX   (1-3 years old)  This activity will allow your little ones to have fun indoors and have an interesting sensory play. Children have always been intrigued by sand play. They dig in the sand, sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel and smell of it, pretend with it,

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Early Years Easy Home Learning

⭐ Easy home learning today ⭐ With the community out and about looking for rainbows, why not make your own colour baskets/trays/boxes? They are so simple to make. Set up in a calm place away from other over-stimulated colour areas to really make a full impact. Try and use different textured objects, and fabrics, scarves

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HKS Podcast: Are the pupils happy at HKS?

“I really enjoyed my time at Base Studios. On the way to the studios I felt quite nervous,  however, as soon as we all went in, our nerves eased. The people were lovely and welcoming. The place itself was fun and cool. The best part for me was playing around with the technology,  I was

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