Who is L M Slater? The story continues… - 05/12/2018

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A beautiful hand stitched kneeler and collection bowl have been presented to the school from the Sebright Trust. Originally they were to celebrate Sebright School opening of their new chapel in 1967.

The name L M Slater appears on a hand stitched kneeler, but who are they? We have been contacted by Ian Norton and he informs us

“Lillian Slater was the matron at Woodfield House (John Hill was the Housemaster) and she and many other ladies associated with the school, including staff wives, set about designing and embroidering kneelers to furnish the new chapel in 1967.I believe one was done by Brenda Hadfield, wife of the music master Bob Hadfield who taught at Sebright and later Heathfield.”

However, the story is still ongoing and we are still searching for the craftsman of the collection bowl and hoping to reconnect with all past pupils and staff from Heathfield and The Knoll Schools. If you wish to reconnect or have any information please visit our alumni page.