The Bee Musical! - 09/07/2018

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Lower School performed The Bee Musical by Niki Davies & Emma Davies for their end of term performance on Monday 9th July. 

Every busy bee in Mr Waxworth’s hive is eager to do their part – except for one. Poor Grumble Bee! She just wants to do something special with her life and doesn’t see the point of finding nectar and collecting pollen all day long. After all, what’s important about that?

But, when world bee colonies start collapsing and a shortage of plants means they are unable to pollinate all sorts of food types or even feed themselves, Mr Waxworth and the bees put on their thinking caps to do something about it. The bees’ most exciting play of the year ‘The Bee’s Knees’, helps Grumble Bee to realize just how vital the work of the bee is and convinces everyone else to do their part to save the bees.

Parents were handed their own flower seeds at the end of the performance, in hope that they too will realise how important bees are. Lower School hope they have encouraged everyone to help save the bees.

A huge well done to Lower School pupils and staff for all their hard work. And a big thank you to the HKS parents for watching and supporting the children. Every pupil is a pupil to be proud of here at HKS.