STEAM development plan - 12/12/2018

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Susan Riley, Arts Integration Specialist states “STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access to points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.”

At its core, STEAM teaching and learning is about exposing students of all ages, to hands on learning that challenges them to think creatively and critically. It is important that the STEAM learning environment allows students to apply acquired knowledge, to test theories, critically analyse concepts and to further challenge their understanding.

We wish to create a dedicated STEAM teaching space that will be created in the upper floor of the Art mezzanine. This environment will be multi-purpose and include resources and creative spaces to deliver STEAM such as electronics, water modelling area, ‘messy’ experimental area, LEGO engineering sets and collaborative working area. Within the close proximity to the ART department a proposed engineering workshop will be installed in the recently cleared stable courtyard.

The STEAM space will be designed with the needs of all year groups in the main school (Reception to Year 11) and in addition, there is the potential to accommodate Preschool pupils.

We need you to further this development. The subjects within STEAM are becoming core within teaching. Currently HKS largely deliver this through individual subjects - Science, Art and Maths. With your help we can raise awareness and funds to create a STEAM learning space that will allow pupils to have a multi-disciplinary approach with hands- on learning. To see our full plans please visit Invest My School.