Erasmus Project 'The World Is My Oyster' - 28/09/2018

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Following the success of our previous Erasmus project (2014-2017), the HKS MFL and Futures Departments are delighted to announce that our proposal for another Erasmus Plus project has been accepted by the European Union. We will once again have the pleasure of working with 3 of our previous partner schools from France, Spain and Greece. The primary school of Écueillé, France, also joins our new project allowing increased collaboration with our Lower and Middle School pupils.


The title of the project is ‘The World Is My Oyster’ and will centre around careers and preparation for the future. We look forward to some exciting activities and trips to the other 3 countries, not forgetting the chance for us to host a big Erasmus week again.  The inaugural meeting of all four schools will take place in Strasbourg in November. Ten Year 10 pupil ambassadors have already been selected and will be accompanied by Mrs Tidmarsh in her capacity as Project Manager and Mrs White.


All trips and visits are subsidised by the European Union. On Monday 24th September Mrs Tidmarsh announced the first of many of the project’s competitions - Design a logo for the project. Five entries will be chosen from HKS pupils to represent the UK and the winner will be decided in Strasbourg.  Every pupil in the school is eligible to enter and we are hopeful of some strong contenders. The winner will not only have the honour of their logo design splashed all over the project but will also win a ‘not to be sniffed at’ prize.  


Each phase of the project will focus on a particular module of work relating to careers and future plans and this will reinforce the work that is already done in school to prepare pupils for what lies beyond HKS in terms of lifelong learning opportunities and employment.  The project aims to develop life skills and offer career guidance for all pupils with a European dimension thrown in for good measure.


Our first visit to Strasbourg will take us to the seat of the European Court of Human Rights and our Year 10 ambassadors will examine how legislation created in these halls has shaped the world of employment for them and future generations in recent times.  But most of all this project will forge new and strengthen existing friendships which will undoubtedly benefit each and every HKS pupil and member of staff who participates. We are excited to see what doors are opened onto new adventures and unforgettable experiences.