Are you able to complete the story? - 28/11/2018

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Are you able to complete the story?

The Sebright Trust has recently kindly donated a hand stitched kneeler and collection bowl to the school. These were originally presented to Sebright School in 1967 at the opening of the school chapel. Long since in storage and recently rediscovered, we are pleased to be able to find a home for them at Heathfield Knoll School.

As we look forward to celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of the opening of the school in 1620, we are busy re-connecting with alumni and recording the long and important history of the school. Please help us finish this particular story by sharing any information on L M Slater? This name is clearly marked on the front of the kneeler but we have no further information as to the identity of this particular benefactor.

If you are an alumnus of either Heathfield or The Knoll Schools and have not received recent correspondence school then please do make contact via