Alumni share memories about family history - 06/03/2019

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HKS has a full, rich and long history and we do our best to help our HKS family past and present. After Mr Gilbert contacted the school and asked for information on his great uncle, Sydney Herbert Hassell, our HKS alumni were more than happy to help. Mr Gilbert knew his uncle taught French and German at Lindisfarne College and moved up to Wolverley during the war. Mr Gilbert believed that he then subsequently came out of retirement and taught again.

An alumni member spoke with her Grandfather who also attended the school. He remembered Mr Hassell very well.

“He started at Sebright in September 1944 and was still teaching there when I left in 1948... I do not know when he left...He was a very nice chap known throughout the school as  Hsssissy Hassell as due to excessive use of his exhaling breath whenever there was an ‘s’ ...thus it was upon entering the classroom he would announce the sentences of the day saying “Please sssssssit down and be sssssssilent”  The previous incumbent was a French lady ... she was too unremarkable for me to remember her name. Compared with her Syd was greatly ‘sssuperior’.”