Heathfield Knoll School (HKS) is part of KSI Education. The KSI Education group includes Kingsley School, Bideford, and Greene’s College, Oxford. The Governors of Heathfield Knoll School are the following:
  • Daniel Wellings, Chief Executive Officer, KSI Schools Group (Chair)
  • Mrs Sarah Burns, (Safeguarding Governor)
  • Mr Timothy Westbrook
  • Mrs Julie Prior
Also in Attendance at HKS Governors’ meetings are:
  • Mr Alistair Ramsay, KSI Compliance Officer
  • Mr Lawrence Collins, Headmaster of Heathfield Knoll
The key responsibility of the Governors is to ensure that Heathfield Knoll School has a clear sense of purpose and strategic direction. The Governors are responsible for creating an ethos of high expectation and ensuring that the KSI Values permeate every aspect of school life. Their role is to monitor, evaluate, challenge and support the School. There are six key questions which the Governors will ask and be able to answer:
  • How well are we are doing?
  • How do we know?
  • Could we do better?
  • What do we need to do to improve further
  • Are our pupils safe?
  • How well are we promoting staff and pupil wellbeing?
The Chair of Governors, Daniel Wellings, can be contacted at the official registered office for the KSI Education: KSI Education, G16, Central Court, Southampton Buildings, London, England, WC2A 1AL
KSI Values
  • Innovative: Education is a dynamic sector underpinned by a strong core purpose. We think big, see possibilities in challenges, and creatively push the normal and expected to get the very best for our schools.
  • Effective: We are driven by a desire to support our students and staff to achieve and succeed. Success is not, however, about a single action. It is about a developing a culture focused on delivery; both by meeting need and igniting aspiration.
  • Reflective: We provide more than structures and frameworks. We encourage every individual to create meaning from what we do and how we do it. This opportunity to reflect and review creates an environment of continual self-improvement.
  • Inclusive: Every colleague and student has talents, abilities and qualities. Our schools recognise and value the collective contribution that all individuals can make to our communities.
  • Responsible: Our students will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our actions and decisions will demonstrate, that that with the right conviction and understanding, we can all make decisions that will have a positive impact on the world around us.
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