Think Tank - 12/12/2018

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I had an amazing experience at the think tank this Thursday. We arrived and went to ‘Cell’s Cell’s Cell’s!’ which was up in the Planetarium. We sat on slanted seating which looked up to the ceiling where we watched a cool, interesting animation about this girl called Suu-Kyi where she discovered about the millions of cells inside her body. Then we moved round to the science lab to test our own DNA, by using a strange experiment that resulted in us collecting some of our own DNA! We had lunch and returned to the Lab where we extracted DNA from a cucumber. After that we had an hour exploring around the building looking at all the different activities. Overall I had a fantastic day, and an excellent interesting experience, that I would love to do again!

The trip to the Think Tank was an amazing experience. We learnt about the millions of cells in our body, and the DNA that they were made up of. We also had a chance to go into the science garden where we pulled ourselves up on roped chairs, made a water bottle rocket and experiment the wheels of a train! We also tried the many different activities inside the centre. It was a fantastic day out that I will never forget!

Sarah Jane Year 7