Education Minister speaks out about a complete phone ban in all schools - 08/02/2019

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Education Minister Nick Gibb spoke out about a complete ban on mobile phones within schools. The British Government is currently in the process of publishing new guidance for schools that will address internet safety, social media and online gaming. At HKS, we already implement a strict no phones policy within the school, an idea previously endorsed by Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman. Pupils are allowed to carry a mobile phone to and from school, but once they are on site, phones must be handed in and locked away until the end of the school day.

Although mobile phones, if used correctly, can be used as a useful and effective learning tool (they are a 'powerful computer in your pocket'), there are oft-quoted risks in their use. We believe that personal mobile phones within a school can take away the valuable time pupils could spend developing their interpersonal skills, talking with their peers and being physically active during break times. Furthermore, the potential distractions to learning and the wider issues of cyberbullying and inappropriate use of social media, endemic in some schools, are real concerns. In short, we want our pupils to enjoy being children for as long as possible, to be themselves and to realise every opportunity in school.