Share a Story Month: Fiction: School Food Review  by Tom Aliwell

15th May 2019

Fiction: School Food Review  by Tom Aliwell

Dear Sir or Madam,

If you are in search of the ‘creme de la creme’ of school food, then you have come to the wrong place. Our school is home to a huge array of bland food and unnerving water, which tastes as if it has been freshly squeezed out of a puddle from the thunderstorm last night. Furthermore, I use the word ‘food’ lightly, as the consumable substances available are far from ‘food’ in any sense of the word. Day after day, hundreds of students are mournfully sentenced to the dining room, each quivering and shaking as they go, turning green at even a whiff of the wonderfully nutritious dinner available that day. Before they even make it to the counter, the students must clamber over old, forgotten food from generations past, each mound growing ever so slightly higher than the day before, inviting a new family of bacteria and flies to nest within. After this deadly trek, they will finally arrive at the serving counter, were optimism is rapidly crushed and, in fact, the floor-food looks much more appetising.

Crunchy chicken, slimy stew, and catastrophic casserole are just a handful of the vile options available daily, from a dinner lady who looks as though she hasn’t experienced happiness or joy in her entire, miserable life. The decomposing mush, which is advertised to us as nutritious, is practically thrown at the students, onto multicoloured, flaky plates from the layers of food previously atop them, never washed off, staining the original white ceramic. After crawling back over the graveyard of old lunches and students who couldn’t stomach the mess of a meal in front of them, students perch on benches which are about as comfortable as sitting on a broken, rusty rake. The mangled forks and jagged knives we are supplied with closely resemble those wielded by knights in shining armour, but twice as deadly. I am almost positive I have witnessed eyes and teeth rolling across the floor due to cutlery-related mishaps.

A commonly practised technique throughout the students of our school includes a second school shirt and a large lung capacity. To avoid the malicious selection available to us, we wear a second school shirt, which curls to form a bag underneath our normal shirt, which we pour our food in to avoid the backlash of not consuming the stomach-churning mess. This legendary form of food evasion has been passed down through generations; I learnt it from my dad, he from his father and so forth. The only downside to this genius method is the awful smell produced by the movement from the plate, to right under our noses., hence the need for a large lung capacity. Nevertheless, if it means we don’t have to feel the repulsive textures and flavours on our taste buds, we will put up with it, for the hope of a brighter future.

In conclusion, unless you dream of an early tomb, the food available at our school is safe to avoid. I hope you keep this in mind before enrolling here.


Tom Aliwell

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Share a Story Month: Saving The World by Braedon Taylor

07th May 2019

Saving The World: By Braedon Taylor

Beep Beep!sang the alarm clock in Dr. Xavier Woods’ tired ears. It was early, 6 am, but for Dr. Xavier it was a normal time to wake up. Time passed by to 6;30 he was raring to go to but first went to check his emails as he normally would. Shocked, he saw an email from the Nevada Government, saying they need someone like him. Confused, the doctor read on. It said that an experiment they had tried on corpses had gone wrong and they have hand-picked him and another seven people to stop the fiends they had created. They told him to meet them at Yosemite Park at 6:30 pm SHARP! As a result he showed up to work (a science lab)earlier than usual so he could fulfil his daily quota so he could leave early to get to the Yosemite Park. 6:30 came and Dr. Xavier waited in his car like a sitting hen, for any sign of government personnel.


Suddenly, his cars windows shattered like a heart after a break up and a bag was tossed over his head. Darkness was all to be seen, darkness and more darkness. He heard a door slam. It just went stone cold and all that could be heard were low, grizzly, manly roars. For a brief second there was an eerie silence soon after the bag that was over his head being torn of as if it was packaging. He was told nothing except to follow them. As the doctor followed through the very sophisticated building he noticed many rooms, empty, and then he saw the one that would change his life forever.

On the door was printed a V (which stood for Vindertech, inside stood a table and sat two men. They said he had been specially chosen to be sent to the unknown Vindertech Training Facilities (VTF) and that an experiment on human corpses had failed and created world-threatening zombies -which they called husks-. Also, he was told that he would be given three weapons of his choice, a pickaxe and a specially created blueprint made by the greatest scientist in the world.

The next day came, and he was sent in a helicopter to the VTF. When he landed on a very remote island six other people, four men and two women, remained waiting for him. He walked into the hexagonal-shaped building burning with curiosity. He entered and was greeted by the head of training, she told him he will save the world if the mission goes to plan. Opened before his eyes was a colossal training arena and a weapon room bigger than his house. His trainer, called Valerie, lured him to the weapon room to choose his weapons, he got given his pickaxe, the blueprint (That can place walls, ramps, floors and pyramids with the push of a button)and a sword, an assault rifle and a shotgun. Unwarned and unprepared, the husks had breached their stronghold and were flowing into the training arena like water.

The doctor quickly, not really knowing what he was doing, placed a ramp so the husks couldn’t get him and all of a sudden the six other people that had been trained and Valerie opened fire on the husks and Dr. Xavier copied and sprayed them with bullets. Slowly but surely they were decreasing in numbers like a maths subtraction problem, and when the last one died there was an overwhelming wave of security and accomplishment.

Dr. Xavier Woods Had Saved The World!   


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Share a Story Month: Yesterday by Ben Sidaway

01st May 2019

Yesterday by Ben Sidaway       

I stand here now in a ruined land. A land that I can no longer call my home. A land that once stood as a mighty Kingdom but no cowers under the wrath of depravation. I stand here now, not as a proud subject, but as a puppet dominated by a tyrant in some far off lair. I stand here now as a Father and as a Grandfather who can only dread tomorrow, despise today and dream of yesterday.

I watched, from my modest terraced house in what was the East End, with trepidation as my country crumbled. They tore down our monuments, they burned down our palaces and they shredded our constitution like starved savages in the wild. We, of course, knew that we would be subjected to such evil events if the invasion took place. But we prayed that our safety would be preserved, we were confident in our Prime Minister, in our King and in our God - our confidence was blighted.

After our victory in the Battle of Britain, my fellow countrymen and I were sure that our Empire would prevail. We thought that, at worst, our European neighbours would be lost. I speak as true as I would have done to my beloved wife when I tell you that nobody could have foreseen such a change of course. It was that bastard bomb that they forged. I’ve never known what it was. None of us have ever known - they have kept it classified for almost two decades since the first explosion in ‘43. First they got Birmingham, then Liverpool and finished up with Glasgow. I suppose they wanted to march into dear old London town themselves - they wanted the glory of it you see.

And that was the beginning of our subjugation. Obviously, our politicians, Royals and military officials were brutally murdered. It was absolutely shameful and sickening to witness. But it is the suffering of normal and decent people that has invoked the most tears from me. Shopkeepers, farmers, factory workers, teacher - you name the occupation, you name the class you name the lifestyle and I can guarantee that every single one of them has endured the worst kind of pain and the worst kind of sorrow.

At times I feel hopeless and broken. But what keeps me going is the memory of yesterday. I was born as a subject of the great Queen Victoria. I grew up with values of decency, righteousness and dignity being drummed into me. Our society was one that continually tried to improve and tried to become kinder and fairer and better. At the top of that society was the sovereign who reigned over the wonderful people that made up our great Kingdom.

And within our society there was love. Love between couples, love between parent and child, love between neighbours. And that love blossomed into happiness. We sang together in pubs, we laughed together in Music Halls, we cheered together at football games, we danced together in clubs. And that happiness turned into smiles. We smiled at each other, to each other and for each other. Oh, how I yearn to see a smile once more.

The life we had before the invasion was one of imperfections and flaws. People cried, people felt hatred and people were bloody well miserable! But we were united in our common goal to get on with it, get along and look for the silver lining. We lived and we loved together in this once green and pleasant land. I’m not saying I want to build Jerusalem here, all I’m saying is that I want to attempt to rebuild the blissful and beautiful land we had before.

I feel such fury and frustration. Every day I feel those emotions. We all do. Some days I want to march into Berlin and beat the hell out of the monstrous megalomaniac who first envisioned this abomination of a world.

But ultimately, what I long for the most, is for yesterday to become tomorrow. I have confidence that the people of our nation will prevail. Whether it be in my lifetime or not, these malevolent Nazi bullies shall be overthrown and my Kingdom shall once again bask in the blissfulness of freedom, liberty and goodwill. Like Saul was blinded on the road to Damascus, this country will be blinded by the bright light of the righteousness of tomorrow which shall be forged upon the rectitude of yesterday.

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Why choose a fee paying school?

17th April 2019

In a recent article in the Independent Schools Magazine, Head of Ipswich High School, Suffolk, Oona Carlin articulates reasons why people choose independent schools.

So why choose to send your child to a fee-paying school? One reason and this is a truism of some of our admissions, is that local state schools might not meet all individual needs; the typically large pupil numbers may seem overwhelming. “More often, parents choose an independent education because of the added activities and support beyond the curriculum… It is often about the rounded education an independent school can offer and the broader curriculum which is not as restricted as in many state schools” At Heathfield Knoll, we have a range of opportunities for pupils to extend their minds outside of the classroom. Our after-school programme is extremely varied and includes musical theatre, sports, photography, gardening and so much more.

Ms Carlin also discusses how independent schools “have invested more money in learning support”. At HKS we have just opened our new and improved Learning Support Base and subsequent investment will continue this next term. The support is available not only for pupils who have been diagnosed with specific learning needs but also is open to pupils who benefit from stretch and challenge or specific interventions at GCSE.

At HKS we offer a bespoke education for your child where teaching and learning fit around the individual. We achieve this, in part, through keeping class sizes small, investing in relationships and paying attention to the small details. Independent education is not cheap and we have a responsibility that by carefully investing in each child, we achieve the best in everyone.

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