Why is wellbeing a priority at Heathfield Knoll School? 

Why is wellbeing a priority at Heathfield Knoll School? 

Elements associated with wellbeing such as hope, gratitude and emotional regulation have been proven to improve academic resilience and success. Children and young people with enhanced feelings of wellbeing are likely to go on to be happier, more successful adults. Within school, we offer a range of support towards the wellbeing of our pupils including access to counselling, enhance outdoor opportunities in our extensive grounds and access to our very own Head of Wellbeing, who is available each and every day so listen to pupils, staff and parents who need a little TLC and an open ear. 

Mrs Stooksbury is working hard to gather evidence towards the WELLBEING AWARD FOR SCHOOLS, from whom we will receive a visit this term. Parents, staff and pupils are all encouraged to complete the WAS questionnaire to give your views on the progress made towards the award.

What do we know about wellbeing?

  • Prioritising wellbeing is one way to nurture the whole child.
  • Wellbeing provides life-long advantages in health, work, relationships, and creativity.
  • The far-reaching influence of schools can foster wellbeing throughout the entire community.
  • Wellbeing improves students’ academic performance, behaviour, social integration, and satisfaction.
  • Wellbeing improves teachers’ ability to interact with students, teach concepts, face challenges, and avoid burnout.
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