Reception Chicks

After three weeks of looking after the eggs in the incubator, Reception was so excited to see an egg starting to crack. All day the children were carefully observing the egg to see if there were any changes. When the children came into school the next day, four fluffy chicks were sitting in the incubator. The children were in awe and fascinated by the tiny little chicks and curiously asked lots of questions. Over the next few days, more eggs began to hatch, and the children could look after the chicks in the classroom. 

Reception held and cared for the chicks and even gave them names like ‘Cutie’, ‘Princess Bob’, ‘Fluffles’ and ‘Rosie.’ The children handled the chicks so carefully and gently. The chicks have inspired Reception to write about their experiences. The children have learnt so much vocabulary and language. The ‘Chicken life cycle topic’ has enthralled the children, and they have learnt so much. Reception and Miss Evans want to thank Farmer Kimberley and Farmer James for letting us look after their eggs and chicks. It was definitely an inspiring and memorable experience.



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