Canard, Canard, Oie

Pupils at an independent school in Kidderminster have been enjoying the Spring weather and have taken the opportunity to take lessons outside of the classroom.
During their French lesson, year 7 enjoyed the freedom and space of the meadow. Mrs Williams took the class out of the classroom and into the 40 acres of mixed woodland available at Heathfield Knoll School. The pupils enjoyed a focused role-play task, where they had to discuss what was in their local area; this was followed by a game of ‘French whispers’, and finished with a rather competitive game of ‘Canard, Canard, Oie’ (duck, duck, goose) incorporating French places in the town.
Mrs Williams said “I enjoyed taking pupils out into the meadow for their lesson. Some pupils in year 7 only joined the school last year, and with lockdown and COVID restrictions, they have not been able to visit this beautiful space. I was delighted to be able to offer them the opportunity for outdoor learning; the open space allowed for a much more active lesson than is possible in the classroom environment.”
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