Pupils in Year 7 and 8 have already taken advantage of the Sebright building and have used the space to welcome in guest speaker Richard Dawson. Mr Dawson will be presenting an interactive talk on Biomimicry – a new STEAM area of study and regarded as a new and developing future career path. Dr Boomer said, “Richard Dawson gave our pupils a unique, interactive  and engaging talk introducing them to the new scientific field of biomimicry.”

Mr Dawson is an educator and project manager with over 20 years experience in education for sustainable development and learning from nature. He has established Wild Awake as a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Heathfield Knoll pupils explored the question “How does nature do it?” a key concept in biomimicry. Using the natural world around us scientists, engineers, inventors and so many others have been able to create and innovate new ways for the modern world to work smoothly. Biomimicry can be found in all aspects of life, such as the aerodynamics of the famous Japanese Bullet train was inspired by the shape of a bird’s beak, wind turbines modelled after the grooves on Humpback whales fins and ventilation systems based upon a termite mound. 

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