A note from the schools Captain and Prefect

Home learning has been a challenge for everyone. We have all dealt with headaches and sore eyes from staring at our screens all day, not to mention how much we miss our friends. For us, we really miss the school environment and are craving some sense of normality. 

Fortunately, this isn’t the first encounter we’ve had with online learning, and we believe lockdown number one taught us a few lessons and made us more prepared for round two! One way we coped with online learning was making sure we spent some time outside away from our screens; however, this has been trickier with the weather and shorter days. Our teachers have been a vital part of helping us to cope during this challenging time. They’ve helped us with any issues we may have had and have been incredibly kind and understanding – we can’t thank them enough. 

We are looking forward to returning to school on March the 8th, even if we do have mock exams starting later that week for Year 11’s. We feel that when we return to school, everyone will appreciate spending time with each other and enjoy school life even more. The restart of school may be a shock to the system at first. Having to wake up early again and putting our uniforms back on may be a struggle, but everybody will be excited and raring to go. 

The 8th really can not come soon enough, and we look forward to seeing everybody soon. 

Beth and Jazz

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