Yes, continuity of learning is very important, but that is only going to be productive if children have a healthy balance of work, rest and recreation.

We have now reached the four-week point of online learning. You will, no doubt, have heard that schools will not reopen immediately after half term, so we are set to continue teaching and learning remotely for a little longer yet.

We are continuing to deliver a full day each day with a mixture of live and recorded lessons right across the school. We fully appreciate just how challenging this can be for our children but also for you juggling work, school and home life. Yes, continuity of learning is very important, but that is only going to be productive if children have a healthy balance of work, rest and recreation. It is hard work for children sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen. Quite understandably, they are missing the day-to-day interactions on the playground, walking from class to class, chatting during lunch. Those are the things we cannot replicate with online learning, yet which are so important in shaping our children’s childhoods. This lockdown feels different from the last. It is darker and colder, not nearly so easy to grab that all-important breath of fresh air and moments of exercise. At least the snow has gone – for now – and there is the promise of Spring in the air and on the ground as bulbs start to appear. Sunset will be at 5 pm by next Wednesday as days begin to lengthen – a cheering milestone.

Please encourage your children to leave their bedroom or the kitchen table, to go for a walk with the dog or play in the back garden during lunchtime. In some small way, this will replicate the playground at lunch break at school and set them up for the afternoon. And if the mood is not right, please don’t worry if they miss a lesson or two to recharge and refresh. Don’t be concerned that they will fall behind or get into trouble from their teacher. We are here to support the children and appreciate that no-one will be at 100% all the time. Unscheduled breaks, sometimes, are just what the doctor ordered. If you know your child is going to need some time away from the screen or the planned lesson schedule, please drop an email to school so that we know who is going to join us for classes.

The children have been great so far and are a resilient bunch. I have no doubt that, despite the challenges, they are doing you proud at home. If you have concerns or need some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us at school.

Mr Stubbs, Deputy Head

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