Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Since their training, the ambassadors at HKS have created displays, held assemblies and have been great playground scouts looking out for and intercepting anything that could be perceived as bullying. They have also created a child-friendly anti-bullying policy and this is displayed throughout the school.

“We continue to support the Diana Award and will continue to train future ambassadors. I am very proud of each and every one of them.” Teresa Stooksbury, Head of Wellbeing. 

“As anti-bullying ambassadors, we believe that everybody should enjoy school. If anybody has any worries or concerns that they feel they aren’t able to tell teachers or those in their class, you can come and talk to us and we will try our best to help you. “ Year 11 Ambassadors 

“At HKS we’re here to make sure every report is taken seriously and with full confidentiality. If something is told in private, it shall stay private to the group of anti-Bullying ambassadors and shall not be accessible information for all students. At HKS happiness is crucial to learning, if you’re in school you’ll be happy to learn which will positively affect your future career aspirations. Happy, smiling faces make everyone feel better and the Anti-Bullying ambassadors at HKS have a friendly listening ear for anyone who wants to come and talk to us.” Year 10 Ambassador 

“At Heathfield Knoll we like to help each other when we go through rough times, that is why I believe that this Anti-bullying Ambassador programme is so important. When someone is bullied it is important to take notice and not just stand by, because that person might not want to tell anyone if they are scared. We should never bully anyone for what they look like, what they believe in, and any other differences between us. We should embrace the differences so that our school is a safe place where anyone and everyone can feel welcome, and that is what our job as anti-bullying ambassadors encourages. If YOU ever feel as if you are being bullied you should talk to someone; it doesn’t have to be a teacher, it can be a friend, a family member or one of our anti-bullying ambassadors, because it doesn’t really matter as long as someone knows and that someone can help you.” Year 9 Ambassador

Anti-Bully Ambassador

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