Night time Animal Antics at Heathfield Knoll School

Reception Class at Heathfield Knoll School and First Steps Day Nursery have been investigating what has been making a muddy mess in their outdoor learning space. 

After finding strange holes in the ground along with odd footprints, Miss Evans and pupils in Reception Class decided to set up a night vision motion sensor camera in hopes they could catch the culprits. The pupils had to find a place in their forest area where the camera would be hidden from the mysterious creature. 

The camera was set up each afternoon and then checked the following morning for a whole week and what they discovered was very interesting. 

The camera recorded many different night time visitors to the Reception Class outdoor learning space including foxes, muntjac deer, squirrels and birds. 

Miss Evans, Reception Class teacher said “The children were so excited to watch the videos and were amazed what animals were living in our school forest. The children loved the whole experience and we found out that it was the muntjac deer who had been making a mess in their outdoor area.”

To watch the video please visit our HKS YouTube Channel 

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