Pupils have already benefitted from the £1.3 million investment from KSI education

Pupils have already benefitted from the £1.3 million investment from KSI education with Food added to the curriculum. Mrs Ayers, subject leader of Food, has said

“It has been such a wonderful start, the pupils have been inspirational and engaged in the learning of Food so far and already making excellent progress.”

 Pupils from Reception up to Year 11 have been enjoying their new Food lessons. 

The highlight so far for Reception pupils has been a Teddy Bear hunt. Along the way, they used their numeracy skills to help count their yummy ingredients. They also learnt how to crush, mix, cut and spread ingredients to create Teddy bear Pom Pom crisps and Teddy Bears on Toast. Pupils were brave and taste-tested some old favourites and new foods for their Teddy Bear Picnic. 

Year 2 pupils have enjoyed the story of the Hungry Caterpillar to explore food this term. Pupils have learnt how to slice and present to create some beautiful and tasty Hungry Caterpillar salads as well as testing their senses by trying a range of fruit and salad. They have demonstrated their language skills by using some wonderful adjectives to describe taste, texture and smell.

Pupils in Year 3 and 4 have kicked off this year with a themed project all about the seaside. Through this pupils have demonstrated skills of peeling, chopping, segmenting, bridge and claw techniques to make a fruit fusion salad and also enjoyed threading and chopping to create some beautiful colourful fruit kebabs. 

Middle school pupils have explored savoury and sweet treats this half term by developing their skills of peeling, chopping, mixing and combining to make crudités and dips plus a healthy sweet treat of oaty cookies. Pupils also discussed and tasted multicultural foods such as different breeds.

Upper school pupils have been introduced to healthy eating and exploring what you need for a balanced diet. They have created a couscous salad, scrummy smoothies, apple crumble and cheesy bread rolls. Pupils also discussed seasonal food and nutrients. 

Pupils from the new Connect base have also been benefitting from Food lessons in their curriculum. They have enjoyed visiting the Food space to explore their baking and kneading skills to make chocolate chip cookies and pizza. 

It has been an inspiring time for the pupils at HKS as we welcome our first year to start their GCSE Food option. So far pupils have been exploring the topic of meat, they have shaped and moulded meatballs, created some homemade pastries and goujons. Pupils have also portioned a whole chicken to make lots of different dishes with each section. They have been in touch with their creative flair by styling meringue nests. 

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