VE Day Celebrations

Pupils and staff have been thinking about VE Day this week and what this means to them.

Mrs Pollard has shared an assembly 

All pupils in Years 5-9 enjoyed a lesson this week on VE Day, looking at how it was celebrated in 1945.  Next week they will be following up this work in English and art. 

Pupils in Lower School have been doing themed work on VE Day. Some pupils have put a ‘Tommy’ figure in their window. A Tommy was a name for a British soldier. A charity called The Royal British Legion Industries has created models of Tommies to raise money for veterans and their families. The models were made by injured ex-soldiers in a factory that employs people that have been in the army, helping them to gain new skills once they have left. 

Pupils have also baked eggless fruit cake and homity pie. Reception Class will be hosting a Zoom ‘Street Party’ to celebrate the day. 

 Brooke from Year 11  commented ”VE Day is very special to me and my family as it is very important to us to celebrate and remember, not just the soldiers but everyone who contributed in fighting for our lives today. This year my family and I have decorated the garden with bunting and will be baking scones to celebrate those who will always be remembered.”

Daniel from Year 7 has said “We remember Victory in Europe Day because of all those who were killed or injured in World War 2 – whether at home or overseas. Fortunately their gift was not in vain. They gave their life for our island  so we are free today as a sovereign nation because of them. They fought them on the oceans, they fought them in the air, they fought them on the beaches, they fought them on the landing zones, protected our island and never gave up hope. This is why we celebrate VE Day.”

Connie also from Year 7 has said “VE day is particularly important this year because it marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe in World War Two. On this day in 1945 the people of Britain celebrated by lighting bonfires and decorating the outside of their houses with flags and colourful bunting. “

Mrs Hayward has invited the whole school to learn the Lindy Hop. English Heritage and One Dance UK have teamed up to get the nation dancing the Lindy Hop for VE day. 

It kicks off with a Lindy Hop dance tutorial online at noon, and then there’s an online dance at 5 pm with a dance band and troupe. There’s also a toast at 3 pm, and links to a Spotify playlist, 1940s recipes and all sorts so there’s plenty to get involved in if you’ve two left feet! Should be fun.

Don’t forget to join the Queen at 9 pm when she will be addressing the nation just as her father, King George VI, did 75 years ago. 

How are you celebrating VE Day? Please post all videos, photos and comments on our Facebook page to share with all the HKS family. 

To see how some of our staff and pupils have celebrated VE Day visit our YouTube Channel 

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