The battle of the Somme by Oscar Porter

The battle of the Somme

Have you ever heard? The crash of bombs.

Have you ever heard? The chaotic sound of gunfire.
Have you ever heard? Lucid screams of friends dying.

Have you? Well I have. 


I have felt the bitter cold hand of death, 

Creep up on my back and try to pull me under.


I ran over the top and this is what I felt:

The looming image of death just on my back,

No way to run, can’t turn back.


I ran I stumbled, I tripped,

I heard the sound Clack-clack BANG.

It was all over,

Just like that,

The show was over.


And still there I lie,

Never going to know,

If I had a purpose,

Or if it was worth to even go.


-Oscar Porter

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