Going Greener in the New Year

Heathfield Knoll School will be going greener in the new year with the installation of solar panels. We will be working with Solar for Schools, part of the Engynious Group.

Mr Collins, said: “Solar panels have been installed on three of our buildings which will help us reduce our energy costs and ensure that we continue doing our bit for the environment.

“We are becoming more aware of climate change and the natural disasters it causes. Educating our pupils about environmental issues is incredibly important.”

The data from the solar panel system will be linked to the school curriculum. Pupils will be able to learn what uses a lot of electricity and why, read energy charts, make calculations and interpret the raw data that comes from the panels.

The Engynious Group has worked with over 50 schools in the UK and has provided environment, economic and social gains for all. We are very excited to be working with them to help make HKS a greener school.

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