World Values Day Thursday 18th November 2018

World Values Day Thursday 18th November 2018
At HKS we are keen to support the children in becoming well rounded, understanding and supportive members of the community. We work with our families to instil fundamental values in our young people. This begins with developing children who are tolerant of other people and their beliefs, accepting of the needs and wants of others, sharing and looking after each other. Our children learn to welcome visitors and new friends and to share their toys, activities and learning. They understand and accept that everyone is different and that is what makes them special. We broaden their experiences through celebrations, visits, activities and lots of fun! From the time the children enter First Steps, all of these skills and experiences are introduced in engaging and exciting ways so that as the children progress through the school they develop and grow into the extraordinary young people that we know they can be. We know that they will continue to be accepting, understanding and caring people, even after they have left HKS; they will share the values that have been fostered here, with their families and with everyone that they meet.

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